Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love this song

This past weekend me and the boyfriend went to go see one of our favorite bands, Flyleaf. Lacey, the singer is incredible, she's one of those people that just has this exploding voice that you wouldn't expect and she's so sweet, she really cares about her fans. Another plus...the whole band is from Texas!!! This was our 3rd time seeing Flyleaf and they didn't disappoint. They are one of those bands that you know are going to give you a good show full of energy no matter what. Story of the Year came with them...I'll have to get a video posted of them but the one for Flyleaf took forever to upload so I'll save it for another time.
Flyleaf-All Around Me

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  1. Ohhh how cool! She has a really great voice. We actually saw them a little while ago on Jimmy Kimmel. Loveee going to concerts!! (but I'm sure you already knew that:)