Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Birthday...

is just another reason for everyone to get together. Always good times :)
Hope you all have some fun this weekend. I have finals next week so I should be studying...key word "should"...hopefully I will.

I know it totally looks like I was dancing with this guy...but I promise I wasn't...the boyfriend happened to snap this one as I turned around. I just thought it was funny that it looks like I was...he looks like he's really into it.

The girls

The guys...Mines the one in the middle :)


  1. SO TRUE! Birthdays are just another reason for everyone to get together!! But its always more fun then just those random going out nights, birthdays are a whole other level.

    I hope you had a great weekend darling and thanks so much for your lovely words:)

  2. Looks like you have had great fun!