Friday, September 10, 2010

Cupcake Love

I couldn't resist this cupcake, I think it was the pink sprinkles that did me in and the fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Oh and that picture of the beach in the background, that's Santa Monica beach one of my other loves. Hopefully I'll be spending more time there soon since I plan to move from Texas to California in June. Hope all you lovelies have a great weekend!!

xoxo erica marie


  1. That cupcake looks yummy, thanks for stopping by!


  2. That looks delicious=]

    I made tie dye cupcakes and blogged about them awhile back those were amazing!!!- You should check out that post!!! They are really fun to make!!!

    ♥ Rorie

  3. cute cupcake

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  4. ohhh YAY!! Big move to California! Will you be done school in June? Or are you transferring? Oh and what are in LA are you planning on living? How exciting for you!!

  5. I'm going to be transferring to the Art Institute of Hollywood but I'm not sure where I'll be staying at just yet. I'm still looking, any suggestions would help though...but I'm so excited. Can't wait!!