Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just the Night Before

First of all the concert was amazing, I had such a great night. Sorry I don't have any pics but the ones that I took from my phone. The tickets said no cameras and for once I decide not to be a rule breaker and sneak one in. I'm kind of glad that I didn't have a camera because I was able to really just live in the moment and enjoy the music. It's just better that way although I wished I would have a snapped a few pics from my phone of the crazed Gaga fans outside. There were some good costumes that made the hour wait outside quite entertaining. The rest of the night was spent singing and dancing...I even brought out my monster hands by the end of the concert (the last song was Bad Romance I just couldn't resist).

Lady Gaga said "I don't want you to leave here loving me more, I want you to leave here loving yourself more"

--Sorry Gaga, I left loving both of us more.

xoxo erica marie

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  1. Ohh that must have been so much fun! Have a great weekend Love.