Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It was all a dream

Ever had someone tell you that they had this amazing dream but can't tell you about it because it won't come true? I was told that nope you can still share all the good details as long as you've had your breakfast first. It just so happened that after i ate my apples and cinnamon oatmeal I told my boyfriend about by dream from the night before. To sum it all up I was on the Olympic volleyball team and we won gold!! The crazy part is that I'm not by any means an athelete...I mean I try my best, I get lucky shots, and I've improved majorly from when I first tried playing any sport. Maybe more of an athlete in the making rather than Olympic status...I used to be the girl that was happy enough cheering everyone on. Anyway after our workout, an out of the blue phone call came through from a few friends who wanted to play some volleyball. Guess who's team won the championship?!? MINE!!! Kinda crazy right?

xoxo erica marie

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  1. i have the craziest dreams ever. all the time. - i've been trying my hardest to dream about ben barnes (my one true love) and the other night, i finally did and... ugh! it wasn't even that good of a dream. bummer. - but congrats on your volleyball tourney! ha ha.