Monday, September 14, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Although we both had to be at work in the morning, the boyfriend and I stayed up late playing Super Mario Bros. It felt like we were kids again staying up late, hooked on video games, and snacking on junk food. Our late night snack of choice: cookies and cream ice cream. Yum!! (I know it was late but this doesn't happen all the time). I've beat the game a few times when I was younger but the boyfriend never has so our mission is to do it together. I don't think Mario ever gets's just as fun from when I was a kid and always makes for a fun night. Another plus for the night: a surprise visit from an old friend...good times :) What are some of the things you used to do as a kid that you still can't help but love?

xoxo erica marie

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