Saturday, September 26, 2009

For all you music lovers like me

Last night Creed and Staind were in concert. Sadly enough me and the boyfriend were not able to get tickets :( I know it's heartbreaking. I'm in love with Staind and I'm mean really in love like butterflies in my stomach. We were suppose to see Staind last year but Hurricane Ike came through and decided he should change our plans and ruin our pavilion. Boyfriend really wanted to go see Creed and last night I guess you could say we kinda got the chance. We happened to be listening to the radio on our way back from the county parade when we heard about this site called Their plan was to have 239 cameras (which put Creed in the Guinness Book of World Records ) at the concert and stream it live. Boyfriend hooked up his laptop to the TV and we got to watch it from his big screen. Now I know nothing can really replace the experience of actually being at the concert but this couldn't have made us any happier since we were not able to get tickets especially when it's free and the sound and video quality is amazing. Go check out

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