Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been a year since my last vacation....I went to Hollywood last year this time. I attended a great dance workshop, sipped drinks poolside at The Hollywood Roosevelt, enjoyed some sun at the beach, but one of the coolest things was when I met someone out there. My mom and I had been buying souviners and were waiting for my dad to pick us up. It just so happened that a photo shoot was happening on the corner we were waiting on. Nobody was really paying attention to them and my mom and I only saw one of the models getting her photo taken. The model left along with the rest of the crew and the photographer stayed and started breaking down the camera. I then decided to lean against a building that had an iron gate when after only standing there a few minutes I noticed the photographer on my left side looking towards me. Then he walked to my right side and looked my way again. So then I looked up at him and he started to mention how the sunlight looked beautiful on my face and came right next to me to lean against the building. After about 1/2 a minute if just standing there and looking at everyone pass by we started talking to eachother. We ended up having a good ten minute conversation before my dad picked my mom and I up. It was pretty much one of the highlights of my trip. Meeting new interesting people is always fun...so here are some of the photos from LA Woman by Michael Evanet. The one i saw is of the model blowing the bubblegum, Enjoy!!!

xoxo erica marie

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