Monday, August 30, 2010

26 again

This weekend was full of fun nights out with family and friends. My sister turned "26" again for the we won't mention how many times. We decided to celebrate with a few drinks and you can never go wrong with red velvet cake. was just as good as it looks, okay maybe better. We decide to end the night at Baker's Street Pub where a live band was playing. I would have to say the top songs of the night were:
I want you to want me: Cheap Trick
Just like heaven: The Cure
Jessie's Girl: Rick Springfield
Paradise City: Guns N Roses
Pour Some Sugar On Me: Def Leppard

D with her shot of tequila and birthday cake

My cosmo and pizza...delicious

The band, I can't remember their name but I had seen them once before and had a great time. This night they completely lived up to the last time.

Me and the boyfriend

Jello Shots!!!


  1. Wow sounds like an amazing time and that cake looks delish!

  2. you and the boyfriend are so cute, and that slice of cake is making me drool. Lordy, I'm so hungry. It probably doesn't help that its almost 1am and Im trying really hard not to eat before bedtime.. I hope you're having a great week:)