Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So this concert was pretty amazing. I've seen Papa Roach
a few times now and they always put on such a great show
...they really bring it. I'm so thankful the boyfriend was
there to record some of our favorite songs. Just to
the left of the camera you would have seen me rocking
it out. I get into the banging, screaming, singing,
the works...okay maybe except for the
whole mosh pit thing. I've been in one before
and it getsway too hot to where I'm covered
in sweat (can be a bit gross) and I can barely
breathe. So for now on I just party without all the
shoving and pushing. If they are
ever in your city I would definitely recommend to check them out.
I love Papa Roach, they are great performers...
they are always worth it.

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