Monday, February 8, 2010

The truth always comes out

I'm going to start this off with a little story...almost three years ago my family went to Orlando Florida for spring break. We did the whole Disney/Universal thing. Well on one of those days that we went to Universal Studios, me and my niece decided we were going to get on the Incredible Hulk ride. I love roller coasters, huge drops, flips,the we really wanted to sit in the front but after seeing the wait we went with row two. As the ride began to take off I'm excited, I'm feeling good then the first drop comes, I hear the ladies in front of us screaming and then...splat!!! A huge glob of spit lands right in my eye. My first reaction was too feel what had landed in my eye and after realizing what the thick gooey stuff was, I tried to take it off. Lucky me that the ride was going so fast that it started to dry over my eye. I know so gross... so by the end of the ride my eye was completely shut. I had to run to the nearest restroom to wash off my face. Well my cousins who had just visited Orlando over the holidays were over this weekend and were telling us about the ride. After I decided to share my story with them I heard my niece laughing in the corner and she says, " was me...I was the one who spit". It's funny, all the times she's heard me tell the story and she never had said anything. The whole time she had been secretly laughing to herself knowing the truth all along.

xoxo erica marie

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